Happy Birthday Mozart!

27th January 2018

We are celebrating Mozart's birthday. He was born on 27th January 1756 in Salzburg, Austria. 

Happy 262nd birthday!!

This week I practised piano with Mozart helping me. I played "Eensie Weensie Spider" and we listened to "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik"



Mozart and M had a great week of learning "C" "D" and "E"

M started recognising the letters around the house!

Mozart helped play games with M to guess the keys for C-D-E.

M had quite a horrid ear infection this week so fingers crossed Mozart doesn't catch it too!!


The Piano Practice Elf!

The family have enjoyed having Mozart home on the first week of Advent. 

N and Mozart have had fun hiding the Piano Practice Elf in her music books.

N has been trying to teach her mummy how to play Jingle Bells and they had great fun playing a duet!

Hope Santa is good to you all!


Jingle Bells!

Mozart has been sitting on our piano all week watching us all practise. Everybody has been playing their own versions of "Jingle Bells" as well as practising their homework pieces. 

We are feeling festive especially now that we have our Christmas tree up. 

"This morning I played "Birthday Train" for Mozart using my sneaky thumb, it was fun!" signed, B xxx


My C Scale

started by showing me his lovely piano where I spent the week. 

He played his favourite song 'My C Scale" which he played beautifully 

He was also learning the graduation song as he has finished book A.

Well done!

He really practised hard and played the song beautifully

Thank you for a lovely week.


Ice Cream Treat!

F was very excited to have me home.

It has been a very busy week with the family. F has been practising very hard with "Ice Cream Dog" and "Knock, Knock"

We have had great fun. F even made me an ice cream cone to enjoy whilst I was listening to his fantastic playing. 


A Swinging Time!

J was very excited when Mozart came to stay for the week. She took Mozart to meet her friends. 

Mozart loved sleeping in J's bed. It was very comfy!!

He also loved sitting with J when she was practising her piano pieces. 

(Especially Mozart's Musical Patterns!)

To finish off the week together, J and Mozart enjoyed playing on the swing in our garden. 

Enjoy your next adventure Mozart, love J.


Mozart and Little L!

L was delighted to show all her family and any visitors Little Mozart.

He was placed carefully on top of the keyboard where he could sit comfortably and listen to L practise "Snack Time" and "C Scale." We are sure he enjoyed the effort L put in to each piece as he has a huge smile on his face :) 


The week before the Spring Piano Recital 2017!

ER was delighted to have Mozart home! He enjoyed helping her practise for her recital - they both had a "Tambourine Party" and pretended they were lions with "King of the Land."

Mozart made ER's baby sister laugh lots and he even played for us with ER's help! We were so happy to hear him play!!

On Saturday, Mozart came with ER to the Spring Piano Recital where he watched all the other boys and girls play!

It was a very happy week!  


Week 12 - Cinderella's Waltz.

T and Mozart enjoyed playing the piano on Saturday. T and her sister Danced to Cinderella's Waltz. 

Mozart loved his time with our family.

We had fun with Mozart this week. 


Week 11 - St. Patrick's Day Celebration

When I had Mozart we had lots of fun together. First he met two of my teddies. After that he listened to me playing the piano, and then he joined in the St. Patrick's Day party!


Week 10 - A Look Back at Mozart's Life.

A was excited to have Mozart at his home and enjoyed reading about what happened at all the other boys' and girls' houses. A was interested to learn more about who Mozart was and looked up the internet with his daddy for more information. A learned that Mozart composed over 600 works - wow!

After listening to some of the music A liked the fast and loud pieces. The research led to how a piano works - with the hammers hitting the strings. A continued to search the internet and watched a 4 year old boy play like a master - amazing!When asked if he would like to play like that A said 'No!'

A is enjoying the piano and practising more and more at home, and is excited to be sharing his news about learning the piano as an achievement at school.



Week 9 Waiting for a new piano.

G was very excited to have Mozart come stay with us. The first thing she did was introduce Mozart to her sisters.

On Friday Mozart joined in with the baby's first birthday celebrations. There were lots of presents and cake, but G still made time to practise "Bed on a Boat."

Mozart has been busy watching G practise all week. He is not going to see her new keyboard which mummy has ordered as it has not arrived yet!


Week 8 - Mozart learns about cars.

T was delighted to get Mozart home for the holidays. He came straight home and found him a place to sit at his keyboard. Mozart watched T practise his homework, he was impressed. 

He took Mozart for a little outing to soft play with his sister, where they had great fun. 

Mozart also watched T playing with his cars and transporter in his bedroom. 

"I enjoyed having Mozart home for the holidays. XXX ❤️


Week 7 - Birthday celebrations!

A was very happy about my visit. As soon as we came home, she sat me on a cosy spot on her piano from where I could watch her play with her little brother. She played many songs for me and also let me watch her practise. 

Then it was A's birthday and I was proud to join in the celebration. After the celebration, I met a beautiful girl called Elsa who is about my size. She can only sing one song though which is "Let it Go."

I also joined A's birthday gathering at a soft play centre on the weekend. I was amazed to see so many dinosaurs!


Week 6 - Mozart had pets too.


H was so pleased to get Mozart home. The first thing she did was to introduce him to her two cats. 

She took him upstairs to show him where her keyboard was and showed him her playroom. He sat and watched her playing the keyboard with her dad. 

He really enjoyed listening and H thinks his favourite songs were "Finger Tricks."

She would love to have him for a visit again!


Week 5 - A Minor Panic!

K was so excited to have Little Mozart home that on the first morning she wanted to play with him and the piano before breakfast; while she still had her "jammies" on! 

While we seemed to get some extra practice done, Little Mozart was also used to throw at Kara's little sister and he nearly made it into the bath one night; saved just in time by Mummy.


After a minor panic, Little Mozart was found in the car, so it's probably time to pass him on as Barbie seems to be flavour of the month at the moment.


Week 4 - sisters!

What a tiring week I've had listening to two little girls playing the piano.

E seems to have enjoyed playing "Tick-Tock Etude" and R "Ode to Joy."I loved hearing the girls trying to compose their own songs as I loved to do this when I was young also.Keep up the good work girls.


Week 3 - "very classical!"

L thinks I'm 'very classical!"

"Let's Go Play" is a very good song for me! And she also played "Make Marvellous Music with Mozart" - just right for me :)

L has worked very hard, lots of practising on her piano, and has finished Book C this week, well done!


Week 2 - A Busy week for Mozart.

I had a fun and also a rather exhausting week at C's house. It was great to hear him practise songs from the "My First Piano Adventures" Purple book - I wish they had these fun resources when I was learning to play!

C keeps telling me he only has 5 more songs to learn then it will be a new book .......ooh the excitement!


Week 1 Mozart hears fireworks!

 What a fun week I have had with G.On Saturday it was difficult to hear any music as there were lots of fireworks going off outside. G found a very comfortable chair in her bedroom for me to watch her play. I have listened to her practising every night after school. I really enjoyed "Party Song" and

"Journey by Camel," they were my favourites. G has enjoyed practising the C Chord,I think you will be impressed May. Mozart and G! XXX


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Meet Little Mozart!